AutoLoader 2.x

For faster genomic analysis, the AutoLoader 2.x provides walk-away BeadChip array loading and scanning with the HiScan or iScan systems. With continuous unattended operation, and the ability to load one or two microarray readers at a time, the AutoLoader 2.x improves assay efficiency while decreasing overall costs. In a dual scanner setup, automating BeadChip loading and scanning with the AutoLoader 2.x can lead to an output of up to 200 million genotypes per day.

Two input and two output stacks can accommodate up to 20 carriers at a time, which, at four BeadChips per carrier, means 80 BeadChips can be handled unattended. For peace of mind, automatic email alerts include an end-of-scan summary and any critical system messages.

  • A customized Tecan liquid handling robot (ordered from Illumina) can be included with the system to automate sample preparation for even higher throughput
  • The AutoLoader 2.x is integrated with the Illumina Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and iScan Control System software

The AutoLoader 2.x is available as a Single-Scanner or Dual-Scanner package to support one or two microarray readers. Packages are also available to upgrade the AutoLoader or AutoLoader2 to the Single or Dual AutoLoader 2.x.

Catalog IDs: SY-202-1001