MaizeLD BeadChip Kit

The MaizeLD BeadChip array offers a comprehensive genotyping solution for essentially derived varieties (EDV) testing in maize, providing the high discrimination necessary to assess EDV status. Compared to traditional SSR markers, SNP genotyping offers higher throughput, resolution, and reproducibility, resulting in high accuracy. Key features of this genotyping array include:

  • High-discrimination coverage with 3047 evenly spaced markers designed for EDV assessment
  • Customizable to support varietal identification, genetic purity testing, marker-assisted selection, and other applications (MaizeLD+ BeadChip Kits)
  • Single platform for various maize applications reduces costs and eliminates manual processing errors

Many agricultural researchers today are migrating from SSR analysis to SNP genotyping. With the MaizeLD BeadChip, researchers can assess all EDV markers at the same time across many samples rather than running separate assays for each gene of interest.

Learn about the many uses of corn and how the MaizeLD BeadChip Kit can facilitate faster breeding decisions.
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