TruSeq Nano DNA Library Prep Kit

The TruSeq Nano DNA Library Preparation Kit enables efficient interrogation of samples with limited available DNA. Based on the industry’s most widely adopted library preparation workflow, this low-input method delivers high coverage quality and reduced bias for virtually any sequencing application.

  • Designed for low sample input
  • High coverage quality
  • Accelerated library preparation

Kit types are available to accommodate a range of study designs: the TruSeq Nano DNA LT Library Preparation Kit for low-throughput studies and the TruSeq Nano DNA HT Library Preparation Kit for high-throughput studies. Kits are also available for use with the NeoPrep Library Preparation System.

NeoPrep System enhances TruSeq Nano DNA performance

The NeoPrep System enhances TruSeq Nano DNA performance by providing high-quality reproducible results, even with low input amounts of DNA. Digital microfluidics technology precisely manipulates droplets that perform the library prep workflow, including quantification and normalization within the tightly controlled environment of the NeoPrep library card. A simple, intuitive workflow delivers 16 sequencing-ready libraries, eliminating almost all manual steps, and reducing hands-on time from ~4 hours to just 30 minutes. In addition, digital microfluidics requires less DNA input, enabling excellent performance from 25-75 ng of gDNA. Successful libraries have been demonstrated with DNA inputs ranging from 1–100 ng, up to 10 fold lower than required by manual protocols.

Manual preparation of high-quality libraries in less than a day

The proven TruSeq DNA library preparation workflow has been streamlined by replacing gel-based size selection with bead-based selection, enabling researchers to prepare high-quality libraries in less than a day. It is optimized for a variety of read lengths, from 2 × 101 bp to 2 × 151 bp.

Use with limited DNA samples: The TruSeq Nano DNA protocol offers excellent results with as little as 100 ng input, eliminating the typical requirement for micrograms of DNA. This enables researchers to study samples with limited available DNA (e.g., tumor samples) and helps preserve samples for use in future or alternate studies. In addition to accelerating the workflow, bead-based size selection avoids typical sample loss associated with gel-based selection.

Reduce library bias and coverage gaps: TruSeq Nano DNA kits reduce the number and average size of typical PCR-induced gaps in coverage. The enhanced workflow reduces library bias and improves coverage uniformity across the genome.

These kits also provide excellent coverage of traditionally challenging genomic content, including GC-rich regions, promoters, and repetitive regions. This enables researchers to access more information from each sequencing run. TruSeq Nano DNA kits are validated for high-quality genomic coverage for virtually any next-generation sequencing application.

Comparison of TruSeq DNA Library Preparation Kits

Specification TruSeq Nano DNA TruSeq DNA PCR-Free
Kit type For NeoPrep System LT and HT LT and HT
Description TruSeq Nano DNA workflow performed with the NeoPrep system and reagents Based upon widely adopted TruSeq library prep, with lower input and improved data quality Superior genomic coverage with radically reduced library bias and gaps
Workflow Simplified NeoPrep workflow with lower input and less hands-on time Manual workflow Manual workflow
Input quantity 25–75 ng 100–200 ng
1–2 μg
Includes PCR Yes Yes No
Assay time 7.5 hours (includes library prep through normalization) 5.5 hours ~5 hours
Hands-on time 30 minutes 4 hours ~4 hours
Target insert size 350 bp or 550 bp 350 bp or 550 bp 350 bp or 550 bp
Gel-Free Yes Yes Yes
Number of samples supported Up to 16 samples per NeoPrep library card 24 (LT) or 96 (HT) 24 (LT) or 96 (HT) samples
Size-selection beads Included Included Included
Applications Whole-genome sequencing applications, including whole-genome resequencing, de novo assembly, and metagenomics studies
Sample multiplexing 24 single indexes, 16 samples per run 24 single indexes or 96 dual-index combinations
Compatible Illumina sequencers MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, HiSeq X, HiScanSQ, and Genome Analyzer systems


System Compatibility

Genome Analyzer IIx

Product Literature

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