TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit

The TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit delivers a simple, efficient method for high-confidence calling of exonic variants. The fast library preparation and exome enrichment workflow deliver libraries in 1 day with no need for additional equipment, giving labs the flexibility to plan projects according to sample volume. This kit offers:

  • Enhanced transposome chemistry results in reduced bias, providing consistent library preparation and exome enrichment.
  • Rapid, automation-friendly workflow completes in 1 day with only 3 hours of hands-on time.
  • High coverage uniformity across exonic regions and on-target % 

Consistent Tagmentation for Varying Input Amounts

Enhanced transposome chemistry is highly tolerant of varying DNA input amounts, reducing bias and providing consistent results. Results were generated on a Bioanalyzer instrument.  

Consistent Tagmentation for Varying Input Amounts

Integrated Exome Sequencing workflow

Illumina provides an integrated, fully supported workflow solution that guides researchers from library preparation through simple data analysis. Expert Illumina scientists provide a single source of technical and field support.

Scalability Across Illumina Systems

The TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit delivers an average of 75% of on-target sequencing reads. This high on-target percentage requires fewer sequencing cycles to reach desired coverage levels, but still achieves uniform coverage for high-confidence results.

To learn more about calculating coverage estimates, see the sequencing coverage calculator.

Sequencing System No. of Exome Per Run at 50x No. of Exome Per Run at 100x
MiSeq Series 1 N/A
NextSeq Mid-output flow cell 3 2
NextSeq High-output flow cell 12 6
HiSeq 2500 Rapid-Run (dual flow cell) 24 12
HiSeq 2500 High-output (dual flow cell) 156 78
HiSeq 3000 96 48
HiSeq 4000 (dual flow cell) 192 96

Estimated number of exomes sequenced per run is calculated with a mean coverage of 50x (4 Gb) and 100x (8 Gb), respectively. Illumina recommends a 2 × 75 bp read length on all sequencers when using the TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit.

TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit Configurations

Catalog Number TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit Total Samples Number of Enrichment Reactions Number of Samples per Enrichment Reaction Unique index adapter combinations
FC-144-1000 8 rxn x 1 plex 8 8 1 1
FC-144-1001 8 rxn x 3 plex 24 8 3 3
FC-144-1002 8 rxn x 6 plex 48 8 6 6
FC-144-1003 8 rxn x 9 plex 72 8 9 9
FC-144-1004 8 rxn x 12 plex 96 8 12 24
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Catalog IDs: FC-144-1000, FC-144-1001, FC-144-1002, FC-144-1003, FC-144-1004, FC-144-1005, FC-144-1006, FC-144-1007