TruSeq ChIP Library Prep Kit

TruSeq ChIP Libary Preparation Kits provide a simple, cost-effective solution for generating chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) libraries from ChIP-derived DNA. ChIP-Seq leverages next-generation sequencing (NGS) to quickly and efficiently determine the distribution and abundance of DNA-bound protein targets of interest across the genome. This method has become one of the most widely used NGS applications, enabling researchers to reliably and simultaneously identify binding sites of a broad range of targets across the entire genome, with high resolution and without constraints.

TruSeq ChIP Library Preparation Kits are compatible with all Illumina sequencers. Offering the proven data quality and ease of use of TruSeq DNA sequencing, they provide a streamlined ChIP-Seq library preparation workflow that leverages reagent master mixes to minimize pipetting and reduce total assay time.

The kits have a low DNA input requirement and are compatible with a range of sample sources. In addition, they offer more robust multiplex sequencing with 24 unique indexes, allowing researchers to optimize the distribution of sequencing output across samples based on read depth requirements. 

ChIP-Seq Analysis in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Illumina's cloud computing software, BaseSpace Sequence Hub, offers ChIP-Seq analysis through the ChIPSeq app. The app is fully integrated with Illumina's TruSeq ChIP library preparation for a seamless peak-calling and motif discovery solution.

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