TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit

The TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for identifying causal variants implicated in inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs).

  • Expertly defined genes selected in collaboration with the Imperial College of London
  • 99% of the targeted regions covered at a depth of at least 20×*
  • Cost to sequence is ~ $1 US per gene; fully supported on Illumina industry-leading sequencing and informatics platforms

The TruSight Cardio Kit uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to provide comprehensive coverage of 174 genes with known associations to 17 ICCs, including cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, aortopathies, and more. Genes were expertly selected with researchers at the National Heart and Lung Institute at the Imperial College of London. Content includes genes well-established in the field as relating to heart disease that run in families and emerging genes found in the literature.

The TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit is part of a complete workflow that is fully supported on the MiSeq, MiSeqDx, and NextSeq 500 and NextSeq 550 Sequencing Systems. Sequence data are exported as .vcf files and imported easily into the VariantStudio software for analysis. VariantStudio software is a simple, yet powerful tool that offers commonly applied filters, including variant quality, population frequency, functional impact, and known disease association.

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* Data on file. Illumina, Inc. 2015.
† The TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit can only be run in research mode when used with the MiSeqDx System.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

NOTE: The TruSight Cardiomyopathy Sequencing Panel has been discontinued. The TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit is the recommended replacement.

Product Literature

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Illumina VariantStudio Data Analysis Software Data Sheet PDF2 MB
TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit Data Sheet PDF< 1 MB

Catalog IDs: FC-141-1010, FC-141-1011