TruSight One Sequencing Panel Kits

Enabling labs to expand and streamline their sequencing portfolio, while managing costs.

  • Targets 4,813 genes associated with known clinical phenotypes
  • One workflow to follow and one procedure for managing genomic samples, increasing productivity, reducing handling errors, and decreasing laboratory costs

The TruSight One sequencing panel provides clinical genomics research laboratories with an affordable solution for managing a diverse assay portfolio. Developed by Illumina, the TruSight One sequencing panel provides comprehensive coverage of > 4,800 clinically relevant genes. Laboratories can analyze all of the genes on the panel or choose to focus on a specific subset. Use of this panel enables expansion of existing menus, streamlining of workflows, or creation of an entire portfolio of sequencing options. The result is increased productivity, reduced handling errors, decreased laboratory costs, and consistent reporting.

The TruSight One sequencing panel focuses on the exonic regions harboring disease-causing mutations. It was designed to cover the most commonly ordered molecular assays, enabling labs to perform these on-site with one assay. Genomic targets were identified based on information in the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD Professional)1, the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) catalog2, GeneTests.org3, Illumina TruSight panels4, and other commercially available sequencing panels. Combining data from these sources ensures that the TruSight One panel covers all genes currently reviewed in clinical research settings for a truly comprehensive screening assay.

For those needing bioinformatics capabilities, TruSight One comes with VariantStudio software, a simple, yet powerful tool for analysis, classification, and reporting of genomic variants. Using VariantStudio, labs can quickly and accurately extract and report on only the disease-relevant information of interest.

The TruSight One sequencing panel provides oligos targeting the identified regions of interest and reagents for sample preparation and enrichment. TruSight One is supported on the MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, and HiSeq sequencing systems.

Product Configurations

  • TruSight One Sequencing Kit: Includes library prep and MiSeq sequencing reagents
  • TruSight One Sequencing Panel: Includes library prep but no sequencing reagents

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Note regarding biomarker patents and other patents unique to specific uses of products. Some genomic variants, including some nucleic acid sequences, and their use in specific applications may be protected by patents. Customers are advised to determine whether they are required to obtain licenses from the party that owns or controls such patents in order to use the product in customer's specific application.


Note that the TruSight Autism Sequencing Panel has been discontinued. Content from this panel is available in the comprehensive TruSight One Sequencing Panel.

Product Literature

Description Document Type File Info
Sequencing Panel for 4813 Genes with Known Associated Clinical Phenotypes Technical Note PDF< 1 MB
TruSight One Gene List marker_list_-csv,_zip- ZIP< 1 MB
TruSight One Series of Sequencing Panels Data Sheet PDF< 1 MB
TruSight One Expanded Panel Gene List marker_list_-csv,_zip- EXCEL< 1 MB

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