TruSight Rapid Capture

Prepare target sequencing libraries 70% faster.

TruSight Rapid Capture are all-in-one kits for library preparation and enrichment that allow researchers to prepare TruSight target sequencing libraries 70% faster than any other method. TruSight Rapid Capture allows researchers to maximize the productivity of their lab personnel and Illumina sequencing technology, enabling library preparation and enrichment-based sequence capture for up to 96 samples in only 1.5 days.

  • Integrates library preparation and enrichment steps
  • Offers a fast, streamlined, and optimized workflow
  • Delivers fully enriched libraries for up to 96 samples in just 1.5 days

TruSight Rapid Capture leverages the speed of Nextera library preparation technology. By eliminating the need for mechanical DNA fragmentation and introducing a unique multiplex pre-enrichment sample pooling, TruSight Rapid Capture reduces hands-on time and saves at least one full day over all other currently available enrichment workflows.

TruSight Rapid Capture Kits Information

TG Catalog No.* Catalog No. Samples/Kit Enrichment Rxns/Kit Indexes/Kit
TG-140-1101 FC-140-1101 8 8 1
TG-140-1102 FC-140-1102 8 4 2
TG-140-1103 FC-140-1103 16 4 4
TG-140-1104 FC-140-1104 48 4 24
TG-140-1105 FC-140-1105 96 8 24
TG-140-1106 FC-140-1106 288 24 96

* TG-labeled consumables include features intended to help customers reduce the frequency of revalidation. They are available only under supply agreement and require customers to provide a binding forecast. TruSight content sets are available for evaluation purposes prior to executing a supply agreement. Please contact your account manager for more information.

For Research Use Only.

Catalog IDs: FC-140-1101, FC-140-1102, FC-140-1103, FC-140-1104, FC-140-1105, FC-140-1106