Plant & Animal Genomics

Understanding the role of genomics in agriculture

Modern technologies are helping researchers study plant and animal genomics

Today’s agricultural researchers have many tools at their disposal for studying plant and animal genomics. Whether you’re interested in plant biology, crops and livestock, or model organisms, an accurate view of the genetic influence on traits and disease is crucial. As genomics becomes more widely used in agriculture, researchers and breeders are increasingly using Illumina technology to drive discoveries and advances.

Microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are useful for studying various aspects of plant and animal genomics, including genotype, gene expression and regulation, and epigenetics. These approaches offer the throughput, sensitivity, and precision needed to evaluate genetic markers and discover new ones associated with traits or disease.

Plant and Animal Genomics
Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS provides a high-resolution view of the genetic variation influencing phenotype in plants and animals. It is useful for discovering novel markers. For smaller sample numbers, it offers a low-cost alternative to microarrays.

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Microarrays are ideal for routine screening applications in plant and animal genomics, and the resulting genotype data can inform selection and breeding decisions. Arrays are especially cost-effective for analyzing large sample numbers.

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Featured Animal and Plant Genomics Research

Agrigenomics Research Review
Innovations in Agrigenomics Advance Sustainable Solutions

Learn how genome-wide technologies are powerful tools for revolutionizing the breeding and management of crops and livestock.

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NGS is Fueling Species Research in Australia
NGS is Fueling Species Research in Australia

High-throughput sequencing is paving the way to support agriculture, aquaculture, biodiversity, and conservation studies at the Deakin Genomics Center.

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Gene Editing Research
Genome Editing

NGS enables researchers to confirm gene knockouts, identify CRISPR genome editing off-target effects, and assess the functional impact of edits.

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Stories from the Agrigenomics Community

Farm Aid: How Genomics Changed Herd Management
Farm Aid: How Genomics Changed Herd Management

Genotyping enables a farmer to enhance the quantity and quality of milk produced by his herd for cheese production.

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Illumina Announces Eleventh Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant Winner
Illumina Announces Eleventh Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant Winner

The 2019 recipient is Dr. Elena Ciani of University Bari, Italy, representing the International Camel Consortium for Genetic Improvement and Conservation.

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Bovine Products

Featured Bovine Product

GGP Bovine 100K Array

The GGP Bovine 100K array features more than 100,000 SNPs to evaluate genetic merit, genome-wide selection, comparative genetic studies, and high-density imputation.

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Maize Products

Featured Plant Product

Infinium HTS iSelect Custom Beadchip

The Infinium iSelect microarray offers the ability to interrogate virtually any target (e.g. SNP, CNV, indel) across any species. Take advantage of proven Infinium assay technology to create a fully customized design that is tailored to your unique study needs.

Porcine Products

Featured Porcine Product

GGP Porcine Arrays

Both high- and low-density genotyping arrays are available, featuring Illumina array technology and porcine base content with GeneSeek custom content for all major porcine breeds.

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See How the NovaSeq 6000 Empowers Genomics Across the Globe

From Texas to Japan and Australia, “This is the most exciting time to be in Genomics,” says Charlie Johnson from Texas A&M University. He, along with Chris Austin and Larry Croft from Deakin University in Australia and Ryo Koyanagi from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in Japan, discuss how the NovaSeq System’s high throughput and cost effectiveness are making large-scale plant and animal sequencing projects possible across the globe.

The NovaSeq 6000 is Empowering Genomics Across the Globe
All Agrigenomics Products

View all Illumina products for agrigenomics. Filter by species, technology, study type, or instrument to find the right tool for your research.

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Agrigenomics Consortia Products

Browse agrigenomics consortia to find a consortium-developed product for your species of interest or join an existing consortium of like-minded researchers.

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GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Arrays

Illumina offers GeneSeek Genomic Profiler (GGP) genotyping arrays for nonhuman organisms. Arrays are available for bovine, porcine, equine, and mouse species.

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