Local Run Manager for intuitive data analysis

Local Run Manager Software

Automatic Data Analysis

Local Run Manager (LRM) software is an integrated solution designed to create sequencing runs, monitor run status, analyze sequencing data, and view results. LRM software integrates with the instrument control software and can be directly accessed on the MiniSeq and iSeq 100 platforms through a web browser. An off-instrument version of the same easy-to-use LRM software is available and compatible with the iSeq System, the MiniSeq System, the MiSeq Series, and the NextSeq Series.

Various optional software modules are available to perform analysis procedures designed for different library types. The LRM software currently works with the analysis software modules listed below.

Find Compatible Library Prep Kits

Most Local Run Manager analysis modules will prompt you to select a library prep kit for a given run. Find out which kits are compatible with each Local Run Manager software analysis module.

View Compatible Kits

Technical Support Bulletins

Technical support bulletins contain details about common procedures and answers to frequently asked questions. See the following bulletins for more information about using Local Run Manager.

Download Analysis Modules or Get Support

Download a specific analysis software module of interest, or access Local Run Manager technical support information.

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