What’s New as of May 2022

Feature Highlights

Blanket Purchase Orders Available as Checkout Payment Option

Now you have the added flexibility to select blanket purchase order as a payment option during checkout. All active blanket purchase orders can be selected from the payment option dropdown menu, removing any need to manually enter a blanket purchase order number.

Download Shipment Summary

Now you can view a shipment and download a Shipment Summary for all Shipped Orders directly from the Order Details page. The download capability gives you more options for managing and sharing order shipment status.

View Upcoming Shipments in Order Management

Now you can view upcoming shipments from the Shipments tab and Overview tab. Shipment details include Ship Date, Packing Slip number, Order number, Status, Carrier, Purchase Order Number, and Order Date.

Additional Enhancements

Request a Quote Extension

View quotes by status from the Order Management Overview tab or Quotes tab and request an extension on any Active or Expired quotes. Once your request has been submitted, you will see a submission verification noted on the page for easy tracking of extension requests.

Search for an order within the same organization

Now you can search and view details for online orders placed by another user in the same organization. Using the dropdown menu, you can search by Order Number, Purchase Order Number, or Quote Number, for any online or offline order placed from within your organization.

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