iSeq 100 Sequencing System

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iSeq 100 System Applications

Compare the iSeq 100 System with other Illumina instruments and discover the possibilities.

1.2 Gb
max output

4 million
reads per run

2 × 150 bp
max read length
Learn About Next-Generation Sequencing

Find an introduction to NGS technology and how it works, a buyer’s guide, and other educational resources to help you get acquainted with the technology.

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Get Started with the iSeq 100 System

Learn how to get started with the iSeq 100 System with step-by-step guides and training videos. See how easy it can be to bring NGS to your lab.

Get Started

We’ve taken most of the manual work out of the NGS data analysis process. Local Run Manager software is installed on every iSeq 100 System and automatically performs on-instrument data analysis. The software has a user-friendly touch-screen interface for starting a sequencing run, monitoring run status, viewing results, and analyzing data.

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iSeq 100 software

The iSeq 100 System is a lightweight, easy-to-use instrument, making self-installation simple. Illumina scientists and engineers are available to provide additional support and answer questions, with installation and qualification services to help you get started. The system is covered by a one-year warranty, which includes a replacement instrument or field service engineer support (depending on region) to minimize downtime. We also offer training courses, either at your own lab or online, to help bring laboratory personnel quickly up to speed.

Installation and Support
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