PorcineSNP60 DNA Analysis Kit v2

This 24-sample genome-wide genotyping array detects over 64,000 80,000 evenly distributed SNPs for genetic variation analysis of multiple porcine breeds. Read More...

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The PorcineSNP60 DNA Analysis Kit v2 features 64,000 80,000 evenly spaced probes, offering more than sufficient SNP density for whole-genome association studies, determination of genetic merit, identification of quantitative trait loci, and comparative genetic studies.

This 24-sample BeadChip presents a solution for interrogating genetic variation in multiple porcine breeds, including Duroc, Landrace, Pietran, and Large White. A semi-custom version of the BeadChip, the PorcineSNP60+ DNA Analysis Kit v2, allows researchers to include up to 25,000 additional custom probes for targeted studies.

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