TruSeq Genotype Ne Kit

Fully customizable, targeted solution for genotyping by sequencing of any nonhuman animal or plant species.Read More...
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TruSeq Genotype Ne (96 Samples)


Product Highlights

The TruSeq Genotype Ne Kit is a low-cost, targeted solution for genotyping by sequencing. The kit offers several advantages to support various applications, including parentage studies, purity testing, and marker-assisted selection.

  • Detection of up to 5000 targets in a single panel
  • Multiplexing capabilities to process up to 384 samples per run
  • Fully supported, automation-friendly workflow that generates data in less than 2 days
  • Custom design and panel optimization service with Illumina Concierge services

Inquire about Illumina Concierge Custom Design Service

Flexible Technology

Design panels for any animal or plant species with the TruSeq Genotype Ne Kit, even if a complete reference genome is not available. You can include multiple marker types (eg, SNPs, insertions/deletions) in a single panel and update panels easily as you discover new variants.

Operational Simplicity

Using a single workflow and minimal equipment, the TruSeq Genotype Ne Kit enables labs to scale easily from hundreds to tens of thousands of samples. The entire workflow, from DNA to data, is fully supported by Illumina, allowing you to genotype confidently.

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Method-Specific Workflow Example


Supporting Data and Figures

TruSeq Genotype Ne Library Prep Workflow
TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit graph

The TruSeq Genotype Ne Kit uses an extension/ligation-based method to prepare custom, sequencing-ready libraries


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