Illumina Tagment DNA TDE1 Enzyme and Buffer Kits

Use these components in ATAC-Seq experiments to analyze chromatin accessibility. Read More...

Illumina Tagment DNA Enzyme and Buffer Small Kit


Illumina Tagment DNA Enzyme and Buffer Large Kit



Illumina Tagment DNA Enzyme and Buffer kits contain the TDE1 Tagment DNA Enzyme and TD Buffer (Tagment DNA Buffer). The small kit contains 0.17mL of enzyme and 1.24mL of buffer, and the large kit contains 0.65mL of enzyme and 2.48mL of buffer.

If you were previously using the Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit (Catalog No. FC-121-1030) or stand-alone components (Catalog Nos. 15027865 and 15027866) for ATAC-Seq* or other custom applications, these items have been discontinued. This enzyme/buffer kit is the replacement.

*Customer-reported application

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