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As a key component of the BaseSpace Suite, BaseSpace Correlation Engine extends your research by integrating your data with the world’s genomic knowledgebase. This interactive data analysis environment helps you validate results and test new hypotheses. Use it to compare molecular profiles from your own experiments with results from a large, curated repository of open-access and controlled-access public data sets.

With BaseSpace Correlation Engine, researchers can:
  • Explore a continually growing library of curated, public genomic data
  • Identify mechanisms of disease, drug targets, and prognostic or predictive biomarkers
  • Search literature and use a “quick view,” free of charge with no login required
  • Access an arsenal of web-based tools to mine data and create billions of novel correlations
  • View pathways that play a role in disease development across multiple studies and data types
  • Analyze gene function across more than 20,000 genomic studies to understand gene activity across different species
  • Analyze candidate molecules for pharmacokinetic and toxicity profiles
  • Compare human data to model organism experimental results to gain context

Frequently Purchased Together

Gene Function Studies

Analyze gene function across genomic studies in major disease areas and across many kinds of molecular data. Use this information to understand gene activity across studies in humans, model organisms, and cell lines.

Drug and Disease Mechanisms

Analyze candidate molecules for pharmacokinetic and toxicity profiles and compare disease profiles across animal models, cohorts, and disease stages.

Cross-Species Analysis

Optimize experimental systems and test the mechanisms of disease progression or drug response using a cross-species analysis framework. Compare human data to experimental results from model organisms to derive biological context.

Celebrating 10 Years of BaseSpace Correlation Engine

Learn how you can discover thousands of novel correlations to make new breakthroughs.

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BaseSpace Correlation Engine

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DNA-Seq Data Processing

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RNA-Seq Data Processing

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Data Analysis: GWAS Processing

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Data Analysis: DNA Methylation

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The Body Atlas Application

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Data Analysis: Microarray Gene Expression

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Data Analysis: ChIP-Seq

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Basespace Correlation Engine

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BaseSpace Correlation Engine was previously known as NextBio Research.

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