Nextera Mate Pair Library Prep Kit

This library preparation kit offers a gel-free method for preparing up to 12 kb mate pair libraries with minimal DNA input requirements.Read More...

Nextera Mate Pair Library Prep Kit (12 indexes, 48 gel-free samples or 12 gel-plus samples)



The Nextera Mate Pair Library Preparation Kit is an ideal approach for de novo sequencing, genome finishing, and the detection of structural variation. It is compatible with large DNA genomes — even the most complex genomes such as those derived from cancer.

  • Sequence precious samples when limited DNA is available
  • Generate highly diverse libraries with premier data quality
  • Prepare sequencing-ready libraries in less than two days
Requires 10 Times Less DNA Input Than Other Protocols

Both gel-free and gel-plus protocols are available:

  • The gel-free protocol allows mate pair sequencing when limited DNA is available. It is designed for applications such as de novo assembly of small genomes.
  • The gel-plus protocol is ideal for challenging mate pair applications, such as de novo assembly of complex genomes.
Increased Library Diversity and Data Quality

The kit provides identifiable junction sequences for accurate identification of the two halves of the mate pair fragment.

  • Only biotinylates DNA molecules at fragmentation sites, avoiding troublesome internal biotinylation
  • Allows for the creation of millions of unique fragments
  • Increased library diversity generates fewer duplicate reads and premier data quality
Fast and Simple Mate Pair Workflow

The Nextera Mate Pair kit uses TruSeq DNA Library Preparation master-mixed reagents, thereby reducing the number of assay steps and hands-on time required.

  • Fewer pipetting steps simplifies workflow and reduces sample loss
  • Gel-free protocol option and on-bead reactions simplify purification steps and shorten protocol hands-on time

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
NextSeq 550 System 每次运行1个样本(基于真核生物构建基因组完成图) 长达 2 x 150 bp
HiSeq 2500 System 每次运行10–15个样本(双流动槽;基于真核生物构建基因组完成图) 长达 2 x 150 bp

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Customer Stories

Assembling the Kiwi Genome to Understand Unusual Adaptations in Sight, Smell, and Flight

With the Nextera Mate Pair kit, researchers generated up to 13 kb insert-size libraries for de novo sequencing of the kiwi genome on the HiSeq System.

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