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Illumina Releases NovaSeq S4 Flow Cell and NovaSeq Xp Workflow

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 2017-- Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) today announced the availability of the NovaSeq S4 flow cell, reagent kit and NovaSeq Xp workflow for its NovaSeq™ 6000 System. Flow cell innovation is key to unlocking the power and flexibility of the NovaSeq platform and the release of this new flow cell and workflow extends the capabilities of the platform to empower high intensity sequencing across a wide range of sequencing methods.

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The highly anticipated NovaSeq S4 flow cell delivers up to 6TB of output in two days and is ideally  ...

The highly anticipated NovaSeq S4 flow cell delivers up to 6TB of output in two days and is ideally suited for high intensity sequencing applications. (Photo: Business Wire)

The highly anticipated NovaSeq S4 flow cell delivers up to 6TB of output in two days and is ideally suited for high intensity sequencing applications. Users can now sequence up to 48 human genomes or 384 exomes per run in less than 48 hours. This innovation paves the way for large-population-scale initiatives at the lowest price per sample, and enables labs to cost effectively perform human whole genome sequencing.

“Our experience using the NovaSeq has exceeded our already high expectations,” said David B. Goldstein, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Genomic Medicine at Columbia University. “We anticipate that the S4 flow cell will enable us to further accelerate large scale genomic studies to identify disease-causing genes and the development of new treatment options. With the power that the S4 delivers, we are planning to run our genomic studies at a scale and cost that we would not have thought possible even a year ago, with implications across our entire research and clinical portfolio.”

The NovaSeq Xp workflow comprises the NovaSeq Xp flow cell loading dock and reagents. The new appliance enables users to load libraries directly into individual lanes of the flow cells, further enhancing the flexibility of the system. Users can now partition samples and projects by lane, enabling more efficient use of flow cell whether mixing library types or implementing novel approaches to sample indexing.

“We continue to deliver on our roadmap, bringing new, innovative products to the genomics market. The S4 flow cell, coupled with our recent launch of the IDT Unique Dual Indexes (UDIs) and our new Nextera DNA Flex library preparation kit, represents a significant milestone toward enabling large-scale, highly-powered whole genome studies,” said Omead Ostadan, Executive Vice President, Products, Operations and Strategy at Illumina.

“We expect the NovaSeq Series to continue to drive sequencing towards higher intensity applications, higher depths of coverage, and larger study sizes to properly power experiments. We believe that the release of the S4 flow cell will accelerate this trend,” said Joel Fellis, Ph.D., Director of Product Marketing at Illumina. “The S4 is geared toward larger sample numbers and will enable experiments such as 200x to 300x whole genome tumor profiling.”

The NovaSeq S4 flow cells are shipping immediately while the NovaSeq Xp workflow components are expected to ship before the end of the year. For more information, please visit

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