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Hear from our customers what value Illumina’s VeriSeq™NIPT Solution v2 brings to their lab

371 views | 2 months ago

Watch the video to find out why laboratories In Europe have implemented VeriSeq NIPT. Why did they start to think about onboarding NIPT technology? The benefits of introducing Illumina NIPT The benefits...

Welcome to the Rare Disease Journey

265 views | 2 months ago

Out of darkness and isolation. Into Illumination and connection. With a one-in-a-million kid by your side. Genomic science helps families find the care they need. ------ Subscribe to the Illumina video...

Sandip Patel, MD: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

370 views | 4 months ago

Sandip Patel, MD, from UCSD Moores Cancer Center provides his point of view on Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP), as an approach for assessing biomarkers for therapy selection and clinical trial...

An overview of the Illumina Single-cell sequencing and analysis workflow

126 views | 6 months ago

Understanding complex biological systems requires analysis of gene expression and regulation of individual cells. Single-cell sequencing can reveal the cell types present and how individual cells are...

Considerations, trends and future of single-cell sequencing

297 views | 7 months ago

After viewing this video, if you would like to learn more about how one of the pioneers of single cell genomics is using Illumina technology, read this article.

Xing Cancer Care: Simplifying NGS Data Analysis with BaseSpace Sequence Hub and DRAGEN

16 views | 7 months ago

Developing and setting up a new NGS analysis pipeline can be a time and money-consuming venture. Lynn Fink, Lab Director at Xing Cancer Care in Brisbane Australia shares how she uses Illumina’s BaseSpace...

Impact of Genetic Sequencing for Rare Disease Diagnosis

138975 views | 7 months ago

In the search for a rare disease diagnosis, whole genome sequencing has the opportunity to provide answers earlier and can make a difference in care. Interested in learning about how a panomics-based...

GeneDx: Enabling Operational Growth with DRAGEN

497 views | 7 months ago

Kyle Retterer, Chief Innovation Officer at GeneDx, details how his company seamlessly integrated the DRAGEN Server into its existing on-premises solution to lower costs and reduce turnaround times,...