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Sequencing Data Analysis

Sequencing generates large volumes of data, and the analysis required can be intimidating. Fortunately, the analytical tools available today take most of the manual work out of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis process, making it easier for you to glean meaningful information quickly.

The Illumina BaseSpace Suite smooths the process of analyzing sequencing data, so you can spend more time doing research and less time configuring workflows. Our sequencing data analysis software packages perform analysis after the on-instrument data processing is complete and offer optimal time to answer.

Sequencing Data Analysis Solutions

Sequencing Data Analysis Process

The NGS data analysis process includes three main steps: primary, secondary, and tertiary data analysis. Some steps are performed automatically on the sequencing instrument, while other steps occur after sequencing is completed.

Primary Data Analysis

Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software operates during cycles of sequencing chemistry and imaging, providing base calls and associated quality scores representing the primary structure of DNA or RNA strands. This built-in software performs primary data analysis on Illumina sequencing systems automatically.

Secondary Data Analysis

Alignment and assembly of DNA or RNA fragments provides the full sequence for a sample, from which genetic variants can be determined.

DNA Sequencing Data Analysis

We offer push-button apps to simplify DNA sequence alignment, variant calling, and data visualization.

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RNA Sequencing Data Analysis

Our user-friendly analysis tools simplify data analysis for a broad range of RNA sequencing experiments, from gene expression analysis to total RNA expression profiling and more.

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Tertiary Data Analysis/Interpretation

Interpreting genetic variation leads to knowledge and insights into basic biology, and the causes of disease and how to treat or prevent them.

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Accelerating Sequencing Data Analysis

The DRAGEN platform uses field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology and software algorithms to reduce sequencing data footprint and time to results. This analysis platform complements our sequencing portfolio while enabling researchers to reduce infrastructure investment and improve overall efficiency.

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DRAGEN Accelerates Sequencing Data Analysis
Sequence File Formats

Sequencing data can be represented with a variety of file formats, many of which are interchangeable, and your informatics system needs to be able to handle the formats you’ll use.

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Sequencing Data Examples

Explore sample data generated on Illumina sequencing systems. These examples help you understand sequencing data and analysis reports.

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Sequencing Software Support

Find resources and support for sequencing data analysis by instrument and workflow stage.

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Sequencing Online Training
Sequencing Online Training

These free online courses cover common topics in library prep, sequencing, and data analysis.

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