Diet is one of the main drivers of human microbiome variation, and measuring it is an important part of any microbiome study. However, there is limited consensus about how best to collect and analyse diet data in the context of microbiome studies.

In this webcast, the speaker will present findings from a recent dense shotgun metagenomics longitudinal study of personalized diet-microbiome interactions in healthy subjects, and will recommend best practices for incorporating diet into microbiome study design.
Participants will learn to design microbiome studies that maximize power and chances of success within a given research budget, and better understand how personalized diet-microbiome interactions could be affecting outcomes of their studies.

Dr. Dan Knights
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota



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Date & Time
Sep 3, 2020
10:00 AM PDT
North America
University of Minnesota
Dr. Dan Knights
Microbial genomics
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