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Genotyping of High Homology HBA1 and HBA2 from Illumina Whole-Genome Sequencing

α-thalassemia is caused by mutations in high homology HBA1 and HBA2 genes (~97%). We present here a new WGS-based DRAGEN HBA caller that can accurately detect deletional and non-deletional variants in the HBA locus.

Boosting variant calling performance using a high-quality reference panel for imputing low-coverage sequencing data

DRAGEN v4.0 implementation of the GLIMPSE imputation tool accelerates analysis speeds and dramatically improves variant calling performance for low-coverage data. Imputation accuracy is further enhanced by using a large, genetically diverse reference panel.

A rapid whole-genome sequencing pipeline optimized for speed, reproducibility, and scalability

Learn how Illumina scientists reengineered a rapid whole-genome sequencing workflow to detect causative genetic variants, including structural variation, with high accuracy in 13.5 hours.