Single cell transcriptomics enables access to the transcriptomes of tissues at single-cell resolution. This powerful tool offers vital information about tissue heterogeneity and cell-specific dynamics that is key to understanding disease, immunity, development and more.

Careful sample preparation is crucial for success in any single cell sequencing experiment. There are several aspects to consider from sample preservation and tissue dissociation to encapsulation of cells or nuclei.

How to address the challenges of single cell research preparation

In this educational webinar, experts from S2 Genomics, Dolomite Bio and Illumina will give insights into sample preparation techniques and best practices for scRNA-SeqsNuc-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and other assays.

The topics include

  • The biggest challenges and top tips for cell and nuclei preparations for single-cell sequencing
  • The when and why for using cells vs. nuclei as the proxy for single-cell studies
  • Optimizing your sample preparation for single-cell and single-nuclei RNA-seq
  • Optimizing your single-cell experiment for different tissues or sample preservation methods
  • The preservation of samples for single-cell experiments
  • The cell number and Illumina sequencing read depth needed for reliable single-cell analysis


Dr. John Baskin
Co-Founder and VP Business Development
S2 Genomics


Steven Hoffman
Staff Segment Manager


Dr. Powel Zajac
Staff Segment Marketing Manager, Cell Biology, EMEA


Dr. Juliane Fischer
Content Manager
Dolomite Bio


Dr. Thomas Ayers
Senior Technical Applications Specialist
Dolomite Bio

Date & Time
May 26, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
North America
Representatives from Illumina, S2 Genomics, and Dolomite Bio
Cellular & molecular biology
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