Explore How Genomics is Impacting Human Health

Advancements in our understanding of genetics have the potential to change the practice of medicine and enable genomics-based healthcare. With streamlined workflows and advanced informatics, Illumina sequencing and array technologies and analysis services are allowing you to explore the genome more than ever before.

Together, we can address healthcare in ways never before imagined.

MiSeqDx System: Flexible Diagnostic Power

The MiSeqDx System is the first FDA-cleared in vitro diagnostic (IVD) NGS system.

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Molecular Diagnostics

New discoveries are rapidly advancing our understanding of disease-causing mutations and genetic predispositions. Leveraging this information in a clinical environment can make it more readily accessible, hopefully leading to better patient care. Illumina offers solutions specific for cystic fibrosis screening and diagnosis, and kits for developing your own assays using next-generation sequencing.

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Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory

As we gain new insights into our DNA, we are learning how to make sense of the information it contains and what it means for us and our children. Next-generation sequencing technology is leading this revolution, making it easier and more cost effective to access the genome. Benefiting from these advancements, TruGenome Clinical Sequencing Services enable physicians to make genetically informed decisions personalized for each patient.

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Sequencing Technology and Genetic Disease

Sequencing Technology and Genetic Disease

Next-generation sequencing technology can help find the underlying genetic component of a disease or health condition.

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HLA Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing offers a new paradigm in HLA typing: unambiguous, phase-resolved typing for eight HLA loci in a single assay. Generated data is more comprehensive and higher in resolution than conventional methods, yielding accurate results across HLA genes and thousands of unique HLA alleles.

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Translational Genomics

TruSight sequencing panels pre-populated with expert-defined content for specific diseases or health conditions enable all laboratories to realize the benefits of next-generation sequencing. Clinical research laboratories can use the panels to expand existing menus, streamline workflows, and create an entire portfolio of sequencing options, while increasing productivity, reducing handling errors, and decreasing costs.

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Informatics tools enable the translation of next-generation sequencing and array data into meaningful information. Illumina offers a number of tools to simplify analysis and help you easily obtain information relevant to your specific questions.

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