A rapidly advancing area of cancer research comprises the study of immune-cell-to-malignant-cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment. The reciprocal cross talk between these cell types—and with other non-immune cells—holds many clues to determining tumor malignancy and progression, often as snapshots across time. Determining the significance of these interactions and their functional outcomes, as well the possibility of immunomodulating these interactions, has important implications for our understanding of tumorigenesis and putative cancer treatments. Moreover, because resistance to therapy poses a major problem for the successful treatment of cancers, the field demands an opportunity to investigate the malignant microenvironment and share key biological advances. In this webinar, cancer research and immuno-oncology leaders explore new approaches for assessing the potential of transforming and harnessing the tumor immune microenvironment for therapeutic benefit.

Frances Balkwill
Professor of Cancer Biology
Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Honorary Fellowship of the British Science Association
Deputy Centre Lead, Group Leader, Research Theme Lead


Jeffrey Pollard
Director, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health; Professor of Resilience Biology, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh;
Wellcome Senior Investigator; Visiting Professor at Kitasato University, Japan


Jen Wargo
Professor, Surgical Oncology & Genomic Medicine Program Director for PRIME TR


Date & Time
Jun 11, 2020
North America
Barts Cancer Institute, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, and PRIME TR
Frances Balkwill, Jeffrey Pollard, and Jen Wargo
Cancer Research, Immuno-Oncology Research
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