Turn clinical and molecular data into meaningful insights with powerful, turnkey informatics tools

Translational Research Informatics

Informatics Solutions for Translational Research

Recent advances in sequencing and other molecular assays are helping scientific visionaries translate their research discoveries into future applications to improve health care. Whether you work to develop new therapies, study the progression of cancer, or simply want to better understand the mechanisms of disease, Illumina translational research informatics platforms transform complex genomic data into meaningful insights.

At the heart of Illumina translational informatics solutions lies a platform for aggregating the data you generate. Whether you are sharing a recent sequencing run with collaborators in BaseSpace Sequence Hub or identifying the tissue-specific expression patterns of a biomarker in BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer, Illumina allows you to move rapidly from scientific observations to relevant discoveries.

Translational Informatics for Pharma & Biotech

Analyze complex genomic data in novel ways across the entire drug discovery and development process with BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer.

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Comprehensive Cancer Center Bioinformatics

Extract insights from Omics data. BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer enables identification of novel biomarkers and a deeper understanding of their role in human cancers.

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Population Sequencing Bioinformatics

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer provides a scalable framework with powerful analytics that accommodate the needs of the expanding cohort sizes of population sequencing initiatives.

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BaseSpace Hub for Translational Research

Whether you’re a scientist at a pharmaceutical company engaged in biomarker discovery or a researcher working to advance clinical practice, you can rely on BaseSpace Sequence Hub for a complete and continually evolving set of tools.

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