Integrate genomics data with clinical data to optimize future treatment strategies

Bioinformatics Solutions for Comprehensive Cancer Centers

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer enables cancer researchers and oncologists to use complex genomic data in novel ways to help cross the ‘bench to bedside’ spectrum of medical devices.

This software-as-a-service tool turns data into insight to optimize future treatment strategy. Complex analyses can be executed within a few mouse clicks, empowering biologists and oncologists to make important discoveries without specialized bioinformatics skills. The retrospective analysis of clinical trial data can help refine future oncology patient treatment strategies and improve outcomes.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer offers immediate access to a curated knowledge base of ~90K biomarkers with information about their biological and clinical impact. This information helps cancer researchers to interpret the significance of individualized Omics data.

Cancer Bioinformatics withBaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer offers a platform for analyzing complex human subject data for translational research applications. By providing access to the world’s largest repository of curated public data sets and powerful tools for large cohort analysis and group comparisons of both public and proprietary data, BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer enables transformation of complex data into meaningful insights. 

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Cancer Bioinformatics withBaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine tools allow you to analyze gene function across more than 20,000 genomic studies, assess gene roles across different types of molecular data, and better understand gene activity across studies. Analyze candidate molecules for pharmacokinetic profiles or toxicity indications, and compare disease profiles across cohorts and different stages of disease. Assess pathways playing significant roles in disease development across multiple studies and data types.

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BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer is the new name for NextBio Clinical
BaseSpace Correlation Engine is the new name for NextBio Research

Cohort Analyses with BaseSpace Informatics
BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer provides the world’s largest collection of continuously curated genomic knowledge in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based environment.

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Empowering Translational Research
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Improving Research Collaborations
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Research Method Citation
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Security and HIPAA
The NextBio Clinical platform has successfully passed an independent third-party audit of NextBio security controls, meeting HIPAA requirements for patient information. Read Press Release