TruSight RNA Fusion Panel

Provides comprehensive gene fusion detection in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and other cancer research samples.Read More...
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Product Highlights

This targeted RNA sequencing panel is a cost-effective solution to detect gene fusions in multiple cancer types, regardless of origin. Covering 507 fusion-associated genes, a single assay enables researchers to assess most known cancer-related fusions in blood, bone marrow, and FFPE samples, with the power to identify novel fusion gene partners.

  • Industry-guided content for a comprehensive view of cancer-related fusion genes, detecting common and novel fusions
  • From RNA to results in 4 days including on-instrument software that displays fusion calls
  • Compatibility with desktop sequencers to maximize lab budgets
  • Optimized RNA sequencing for all sample types, including FFPE tissues
Simple Fusion Report for Customers New to NGS

On-instrument fusion calling provides NGS-based fusion detection to labs without additional bioinformatics support. The analysis provides a list of detected fusions, relevant disease associations (as identified by the Mitelman database), and evidence of fusion-supporting reads.

Robust, Reproducible, and Low-Input Fusion Assay

This assay accommodates as little input as 20 ng FFPE RNA or 10 ng fresh-frozen total RNA. The TruSight RNA Fusion Panel provides a sensitive, reproducible, and economical solution for studies of gene fusions in cancer research.

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Project Recommendations

Instrument Recommended Number of Samples Read Length
MiniSeq System Samples per run: mid output: 2-3, high output: 8 (based on 3 million reads per sample) 2 × 76 bp (max recommended)
MiSeq System 8 samples per run with v3 reagents (based on 3 million reads per sample) 2 × 76 bp (max recommended)
NextSeq 550 System 24 samples per run (mid output; based on 3 million reads per sample) 2 × 76 bp (max recommended)

Product Comparison

TruSight RNA Fusion Panel TruSight Tumor 170 AmpliSeq for Illumina Focus Panel AmpliSeq for Illumina Comprehensive Panel v3
Assay Time 2.5 days ~2 days (Library Prep)
Cancer Type Pan-Cancer Solid Tumor
Hands-On Time 11 hours ~10.5 hours
Method Target Enrichment , Targeted RNA Sequencing Target Enrichment , Targeted DNA Sequencing , Targeted RNA Sequencing
Nucleic Acid Type RNA DNA, RNA
Specialized Sample Types FFPE Tissue, Low-Input Samples FFPE Tissue, Low-Input Samples
Species Category Human Human

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