Illumina Connected Analytics Modules

Powerful and informative tools to accelerate the path from genomic discovery to meaningful insights


Key product features

Illumina Connected Analytics provides life science researchers with unprecedented access to vast numbers of high-quality scientific data and analysis tools to expand their research and discover novel associations and results. 

Key modules in Illumina Connected Analytics include:

  • Flow module: Build, deploy, and version flexible analytical pipelines
  • Base module: A massively scalable data warehouse to aggregate and query structured multi-modal datasets
  • Bench module: Flexible and interactive computing tools including Python, R, and JupyterLab
  • Cohorts module: An add-on available in Illumina Connected Analytics to rapidly build and explore molecular and clinical data

Modules and related informatics products

Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts

Rapidly build and explore cohorts in a single place. This interactive study design tool allows you to accelerate the path from genomic discovery to meaningful insights and enables better decision making on study design. Use this tool to upload subjects and browse and filter cohorts based on omic-scale molecular results and clinical attributes from public data sets to gain novel research insights.

Correlation Engine

An interactive omics knowledge base, Correlation Engine provides you with unprecedented access to vast numbers of high-quality whole-genome analyses and insightful scientific tools. Use these tools to enable novel discoveries by comparing molecular profiles from your own experiments with results from private data and thousands of public datasets.

BaseSpace Run

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a powerful bioinformatics software that helps you build a secure, compliant, and high-performing genomics sequencing operation.

BaseSpace Run provides seamless and robust integration with Illumina instruments and workflows. It enables you to set up and monitor runs, access and analyze data in the cloud, and share data with collaborators—all with just a few clicks.

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