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Expand your scale and discovery power

Researchers are shifting to NGS to expand the scale and discovery power of their genomics studies. With the simplicity of benchtop sequencing systems, NGS equipment is now accessible to laboratories of all sizes. Due to this accessibility, many researchers are choosing to bring NGS into their labs. Owning an NGS system is seen as an investment in high-quality, reproducible data that leads to valuable biological insights.

If you’re just starting out or have limited resources, outsourcing your experiments to core labs can be a good way to get started with NGS. They offer end-to-end support and collaborate on your experimental design to ensure success.

With decades of experience, Illumina is dedicated to increasing access and simplifying workflows and analysis, allowing for easy, quick adoption of NGS in your own lab.

Using NGS in key research areas

NGS can play an important role in pursuing the answer to a variety of biological questions using a wide array of published methods for diverse sample types. NGS enables the unbiased investigation of multiple biological “omes”, such as the proteome, transcriptome, epigenome, and genome. A combinatorial approach interrogating multiple omes at once, called multiomics, can also be achieved with NGS.

Popular NGS methods and applications include:
Fast turnaround times

In-lab benchtop sequencing allows you to control your samples and data, improve turnaround times, and utilize the power of NGS to complete your experiments faster.


Decreasing sequencing costs make NGS more cost-efficient than ever. It can identify variants and expression patterns across thousands of target regions, down to single-base resolution, in a single experiment, making it much more cost-efficient and scalable than conventional, less comprehensive methods.1-5

Simple workflows

With user-friendly, scalable onboard software solutions from Illumina, analysis is easier than ever. Our integrated software portfolio features secure, versatile solutions with award-winning accuracy, connecting data across the wet and dry lab.

Control your samples and data

You will enhance your genomic data privacy with tighter control over your NGS projects and samples, leading to high-quality, reproducible data.

Expand the utility of NGS, accelerating your research

Its massive-scale, combinatorial reading and counting capabilities will enable you to expand the scope and impact of your research by starting with a broader view.

Start sequencing in your lab

NGS expands the scope and depth of your studies, enabling higher discovery power for a wide array of published methods and applications for diverse sample types. Benchtop sequencers are ideal for NGS users looking to bring NGS in their labs for the first time, due to their simplicity and accessibility.

Here are some suggested sequencers that may a good fit for 1st-time users:
MiSeq System

The MiSeq System has a simplified NGS workflow making it easy for novice users to access NGS, quickly and reliably. With more than 10,000 systems shipped globally, the MiSeq System has the largest benchtop system install base on the market. Cited in over 100,000 peer-reviewed publications6, it has been trusted for over a decade.

NextSeq 1000 & 2000 Systems

The NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 Sequencing Systems are flexible and scalable, empowering scientists to explore applications like single-cell, whole-exome, and RNA sequencing. With more than 2000 systems shipped globally, they feature simplified run setup, minimal touchpoints, and flexible informatics solutions, including onboard DRAGEN software.

Why choose Illumina?

Illumina is the proven leader in sequencing, with the largest sequencing ecosystem with a broad range of products, from sample preparation to analysis. With global infrastructure and support, we’re here to support every step of the way.

When you partner with Illumina, you’ll get more than just leading-edge technology–you become part of a community with like-minded goals and results, contributing to Illumina being cited more than any other sequencing company.

369,000+ sequencing publications

9000+ customers served

20,000+ instrument installed

3000+ trainings per year

15+ Illumina Solution Centers

600+ support personnel

150+ countries served

> 1B in R&D investment

Illumina product support

Get comprehensive support
  • Global support including remote technical support 24/5, onsite training, instrument qualification and onboarding solutions
  • 96% customer satisfaction
  • 97% of calls answered in <30 seconds
  • < 1 day mean time to repair
  • 2-day average FSE response time
Connect with fellow innovators

Become a part of a community advancing science together by leading the latest advancements in research and sharing best practices.

Explore illumina partners

Illumina partnerships are expanding access to NGS, pioneering new applications and technologies, providing funding for innovative startups, and more.

NGS buyer’s guide cover
NGS buyer’s guide

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire decision process by helping you evaluate your research goals and laboratory needs.

  • Key questions to ask before purchasing your NGS system
  • Key considerations for sequencing and data analysis platforms
  • NGS buyer’s checklist
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Additional resources
NGS cost considerations

The cost of NGS has rapidly decreased, making it more accessible than ever. These cost considerations and resources will help with your budget planning.

Financial solutions

Illumina Financial Services offers fast, easy, and affordable financing and leasing programs. With our Illumina-backed solutions and leasing partner network, we can offer options that fit your needs.

Tutorials & online training

Browse our comprehensive list of tutorials designed to help you understand key concepts in NGS. We’ll guide you through best practices for library prep, sequencing, and data analysis.

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