Clinical Catalyst Program

Illumina and Optum Genomics Clinical Catalyst Program

Catalyzing genomic applications to improve patient care and health outcomes

About the Clinical Catalyst Program

About the Clinical Catalyst Program

Launched in 2022, Illumina and Optum Genomics are collaborating to identify and accelerate new applications of genomics that have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes. The Clinical Catalyst Program intends to identify promising applications, evaluate the test evidence for clinical validity and clinical utility, and support clinical readiness and patient access through evidence planning.

The motivation for this program is the realization that companies utilizing Illumina’s technology for development of innovative applications face Market Access challenges. Often, coverage requests for genomic tests arrive at payer discussions with an incomplete or unclear value proposition or intended use. Through this program, Illumina aims to identify and assess the fitness of innovative clinical applications along with recommendations for more effective market access strategies.

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