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Select from a catalog of 5,000 pre-tested genes to create custom panels in small pack sizes

AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand Panels

With AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand Panels, you can tailor panel designs for human disease research efficiently. Select with confidence from a catalog of over 5,000 genes that have been tested in an actual sequencing run on the NextSeq 550 Sequencing System.

In addition, AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand Panels are offered in convenient small pack sizes of 24 and 96 reactions. Use DesignStudio, a free, web-based assay design tool, to easily select up to 500 genes of interest and create your panel.

Custom Assay Design
On-Demand and Custom Panel Design Demo Graphic
On-Demand and Custom Panel Design in DesignStudio

View a brief walkthrough of the amplicon panel design process.

With the simple user interface, robust algorithms, and dynamic feedback provided by DesignStudio, On-Demand Panels can be created easily, allowing you to start finding answers sooner.

To start a new On-Demand Panel design, simply log onto your personalized DesignStudio account. Select AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand panel design. Specify your genes of interest to search the AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand gene catalog.

Target genes not found in the AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand gene catalog, can be added as part of a spike-in panel.

You can quickly locate genes of interest. The catalog contains over 5,000 genes with known content relevant for inherited disease research, including hereditary cancer, primary immunodeficiency, hearing loss, and muscular dystrophy. Every one of these genes has been pretested on the NexSeq 550 Sequencing System.

Currently, all genes in the catalog are for the human genome (hg19) and intended for germline analysis only. AmpliSeq for Illumina On-Demand Panels have a minimum of 1 gene (24 amplicons) and a maximum of 500 genes (15,000 amplicons) design requirement.

Available Design Options

Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS) technology delivers the fewest false positives, fewest false negatives, and fewest miscalls among leading sequencing platforms. Combine with AmpliSeq for Illumina amplicon chemistry for simple and fast library construction. Expedite your research with a 2.5-day workflow from DNA to variants.

Wondering how the various AmpliSeq for Illumina sequencing panels differ? Have questions about which components you’ll need, panel customization and post-sequencing analysis options, or where to go for technical support?

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Illumina Concierge design support can help improve coverage and enable add-on or nonhuman species designs. You can also assess the AmpliSeq for Illumina targeted resequencing solution with your own samples on an Illumina sequencing system before investing. 

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