NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits

Reagent kits for the NovaSeq X Series include a reagent cartridge, buffer cartridge, flow cell, lyo insert, pre-load buffer, and library tube strip. Read More...
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NovaSeq X Series 25B Reagent Kit (300 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (300 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (200 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (100 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 1.5B Reagent Kit (100 Cycle)


NovaSeq X Series 1.5B Reagent Kit (200 Cycle)


NovaSeq X Series 1.5B Reagent Kit (300 Cycle)


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NovaSeq X Series Custom-Primer Buffer



Product Highlights

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits combine the power of XLEAP-SBS chemistry with flexible, efficient, and sustainable workflows to enable transformational science at scale.

  • 165 Gb to 16 Tb of highly accurate and reliable data per run to support variable batch sizes
  • 100-, 200-, and 300-cycle kits to support a wide range of applications—from spatial transcriptomics and single-cell studies to exomes and genomes
  • Up to 8 lanes per flow cell to simplify pooling and indexing strategies and support multiomic approaches
  • A 4-fold reduction in library input* to maximize precious samples
  • > 50% reduction in plastic and > 90% reduction in packaging† to reduce waste and maximize storage space

*Compared to NovaSeq 6000 onboard workflow
Compared to NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits

The debut of XLEAP-SBS chemistry

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits are powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry: a faster, more accurate, and robust update to traditional sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry that supports consistent, reliable data generation for results you can trust.

Sustainability and simplicity in one

Improvements in XLEAP-SBS reagents allow for shipping and storage in lyophilized form, minimizing environmental impact for significant reductions in packaging size, weight, plastic mass, and waste.

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