PhiX Control v3

PhiX Control v3 is a ready-to-use control library for Illumina sequencing runs.


PhiX Control v3 is a reliable, adapter-ligated library used as a control for Illumina sequencing runs. The library is derived from the small, well-characterized PhiX genome, offering several benefits for sequencing and alignment.

The versatile PhiX Control v3 is provided as a ready-to-use library, and can be utilized in diverse applications to add value to your workflow and increase confidence in your results.

The PhiX library provides a quality control for cluster generation, sequencing, and alignment, and a calibration control for cross-talk matrix generation, phasing, and prephasing. It can be rapidly aligned to estimate relevant sequencing by synthesis (SBS) metrics such as phasing and error rate.

Depending on the application, PhiX Control v3 may also be utilized:

  • As a high-concentration spike-in control for unbalanced samples (genomes with AT or GC content of less than 40% or greater than 60%)

  • As a low-concentration spike-in control for alignment calculations and quantification efficiency

  • As a dedicated control lane alongside low-diversity samples

  • As a control for troubleshooting cluster generation problems, to help determine whether an error is related to library preparation

This product is also available as an Illumina Advantage (TG) product. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products feature lot-specific shipments and testing, extended shelf life, and advanced change notifications for greater laboratory efficiency.



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Learn more about PhiX and why it's used in Illumina NGS. 

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PhiX Control v3


Kitted DNA control for the Illumina sequencing platform. Compatible with Single and Paired End reads up to 150 base pairs. (10ul of 10nM template solution)

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TG PhiX Control Kit v3


PhiX Control Kit v3

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NextSeq PhiX Control Kit


DNA control for the NextSeq Illumina sequencing platform. Compatible with single and paired-end reads up to 150 bp. 10 µl of a 10 nM PhiX solution.

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