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Developed with your business in mind

MyIllumina was developed with your business in mind. It’s a self-service, robust eCommerce platform that unifies your online business with Illumina, providing order management, real-time instrument and lab management, self-service support tools, and more.

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Latest MyIllumina Feature: Check Order Status Anytime

Check your order status anytime using the “Order Status” link at the top of

  • Get real-time access to your order status, shipments, real-time delivery details, and other order information
  • No sign-in is required to get order status
  • Sign in to your MyIllumina account to see your order history, purchase quotes, set shipment schedules, manage orders, and more
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Redeem quotes quickly and easily
Redeem Quotes Quickly and Easily

Add quoted items to your cart and checkout seamlessly. MyIllumina provides multiple, flexible options for redeeming quotes. You can:

  • Purchase quotes directly from the Cart page, Quick Cart, or Order Management page
  • View active quotes on the Quotes page, including status, amount, and expiration date
  • Create a single cart with quoted and non-quoted items
Track shipments and manage delivery dates
Track Shipments and Manage Delivery Dates

Tracking orders and shipments in MyIllumina is simple. Get the insights you need to stay ahead of lab schedules and product delivery timelines. You can:

  • Create multiple ship schedules for quoted products
  • Add a requested delivery date for quoted items using the Schedule Another feature
  • Download packing slips for orders
Expedite frequent or recurring orders
Expedite Frequent or Recurring Orders

MyIllumina includes several options to make ordering consumables or other frequently ordered lab items easy and intuitive. You can:

  • View all or recent quotes and orders on the Order Management Overview page
  • Save custom lists of favorite products for instant recall and ordering
  • Create a Saved Cart of frequently ordered items

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Frequently asked questions about MyIllumina

Yes. You can purchase products online through MyIllumina on Start by registering for a MyIllumina account. Once you are signed in, select your products on, add them to a cart, and proceed to checkout. MyIllumina unifies your online business, providing order management, real-time instrument and lab management, self-service tools, and more. 
To view and manage your orders:
  1. Navigate to and select “Settings” from the upper right in the top navigation bar.  
  2. Click the “Order Management” link in the dropdown menu.  
  3. If prompted to sign in, enter your MyIllumina account credentials and click “Sign in”.  
  4. Once signed in, you will be directed to the Order Management page. The Overview tab will provide an at-a-glance view of your orders and shipments. For additional information, click the Orders tab or Shipments tab. 
Invoices can be accessed in MyIllumina for orders placed online. Sign in to MyIllumina. Next, click “Order Management” in the top nav bar, and then “Orders” in the tab. A list of orders will be displayed, which can be searched by order number, or purchase order number. Click the desired order number, and if an order has shipped, a link will be available to download an invoice. Packing slips are attached in the Ship Notification email that a customer receives when Illumina ships the order. 
When placing an order online, click “+ Schedule Another” while viewing a cart. This action duplicates the item in the cart to apply different ship dates. This feature is currently not available online for custom orders and quoted orders. Please contact the Illumina Customer Service team to apply a ship schedule to quoted orders. 
Product availability can be checked after an item is added to a shopping cart. Once the items are added to the cart, the earliest delivery date will be displayed below each product. 
Yes. Our B2B channel enables you and your organization to purchase Illumina products from within your own eProcurement supplier network, using a Punchout or Hosted Catalog solution. Our B2B integration team works directly with you to integrate a solution to fit your unique business requirements and timeline, from project scoping to post-integration support. For more information, visit our Punchout page or reach out to to get started.