Punchout works with all major procurement systems and lets you access Illumina products from within your organization’s own procurement system.

3 easy steps to ordering through punchout:

  1. Locate us from your organization’s marketplace dashboard
  2. “Punch out” to the Illumina website and create a cart
  3. Return to your system to complete the transaction

Punchout by Illumina is an eCommerce experience within your own procurement system, making it a streamlined and secure method of ordering.

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Supported supplier networks

We support the most common eProcurement platforms in the industry, including Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Advanced, GHX, Oracle, and other major eProcurement platforms.

Supported protocols and standards

We support the most common data formats for e-invoices and document exchange, including cXML Punchout, cXML Purchase Order, cXML Invoice, EDI 850 and EDI 810, to enable your integration to be flexible, easy, and less prone to error.

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Illumina B2B frequently asked questions

Yes. Our B2B channel enables you to purchase Illumina products from within your own eProcurement supplier network, using a Punchout or Hosted Catalog solution. Our B2B integration team works directly with you to integrate a solution to fit your business requirements and timeline, from project scoping to post-integration support.
Illumina has established an integration process to ensure your integration is thorough and well-tested from start to finish. A typical integration time to go-live averages approximately 8-10 weeks, pending your availability and unique business requirements. 
We support the most common B2B protocols and standards, such as:
  • cXML Punchout
  • cXML Purchase Order
  • cXML Invoice
  • EDI 850 (Purchase Order)
  • EDI 810 (Invoice)
  • Several catalog formats, such as .XLSX, CIF, .CSV, and .TXT.
llumina supports several of the industry's major supplier networks:
  • Jaggaer 
  • SAP Ariba
  • Coupa 
  • Advanced 
  • Oracle  
  • Sagbrain 
Please reach out to our B2B integration team at b2bsupport@illumina.com to get started.