Save time and run more samples per year

Automating routine tasks improves lab efficiency and relieves data management burdens

Lab Automation

Lab automation solutions can help high-throughput labs drastically improve sample turnaround time and reduce the risk of error. With the large volume of data generated in genomics research today, effective data management is crucial. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) can help with automation and provide greater reproducibility, minimize human error, and increase productivity.

When deciding whether to implement lab automation, it’s a good idea to explore options for automated sample tracking and data analysis initiation. The LIMS may need to support liquid-handling robots for current and future workflows. Lab automation software should also have flexibility for customization, if needed, and should be intuitive for lab staff to use.

Introducing automation addresses several common challenges facing high-throughput genomics labs, such as ensuring consistency and reproducibility. A LIMS provides:

  • Sample tracking and standardized reporting
  • Automated library prep
  • Integration of instruments and liquid-handling robots into workflows
  • End-to-end management of samples, tests, and results
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Reasons for Automating Routine Lab Procedures

New LIMS users highlight how lab automation software helped optimize cumbersome workflows and scale up throughput.

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We partner with leading vendors of liquid-handling robots to enable labs to automate library preparation for sequencing. Vendors offer methods for various Illumina reagents that guide users through each step of protocol selection and worktable setup. These lab automation methods eliminate the time and effort required for you to develop your own automation procedures.

For example, users can select the desired protocol from a button on the start screen. Step-by-step instructions help prevent potential errors during setup and help ensure correct initial conditions. A summary screen acts as a final check before the run begins, making it easy for anyone in the lab to use the instrument.

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Explore solutions designed to meet the needs of large-scale genomic analysis labs, from production-scale sequencers to multiplexing and more. Hear from scientists who have set up high-capacity sequencing and automated workflows. 

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We offer liquid-handling robots, array loaders, and other automation packages for labs conducting microarray-based genotyping and methylation studies. These packages help streamline the assay workflow and integrate sample preparation and array scanning.

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Lab Automation Software Helps SciLifeLab Scale Up
Lab Automation Software Helps SciLifeLab Scale Up

The Science for Life Lab in Sweden implemented a LIMS to keep up with growing demand.

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Scaling Up Genotyping
Scaling Up a Genotyping Lab

Automated genotyping workflows and resource planning helped GPBio achieve rapid throughput and efficiency gains.

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