View sample data sets and reports for a variety of methods

Data to guide workflow modifications and analytical software tool selection

Sequencing Data Examples

Before starting new experimental designs or doing Illumina sequencing for the first time, it is often helpful to look at the results of similar studies. This can help guide workflow modifications and select appropriate analytical software tools.

Explore sequencing data generated on Illumina sequencing systems and analyzed using Illumina data analysis tools. See how our tools make it easy to analyze your data and generate meaningful reports that biologists can understand without bioinformatics expertise. You can view sample data sets and reports for a variety of methods, or try out tools using sample data, and evaluate the results interactively.

Explore Illumina Sequencing Data

See sample data sets for various methods in BaseSpace Sequence Hub, our genomics cloud computing environment, or test BaseSpace Apps and evaluate results interactively.

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Sample Data Sets in BaseSpace Sequence Hub
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Sequencing Software Support
Sequencing Software Support

Access resources and support for Illumina software, including sequencing data analysis and other software tools.

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub Blog
BaseSpace Sequence Hub Blog

View more sample data generated by BaseSpace Apps and keep up with the latest tools and functionality in BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

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Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform Training
DRAGEN Technology Overview

Learn more about the accurate, ultra-rapid secondary analysis platform and accompanying pipelines.

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Secure and Compliant: BaseSpace Sequence Hub on AWS
Secure and Compliant: BaseSpace Sequence Hub on AWS

Build your genomic sequencing practice with this powerful, easy-to-use bioinformatics compute and storage environment.

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