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These expert-defined sequencing research panels target 94 genes and 284 SNPs associated with a predisposition towards various cancers. Read More...
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TruSight Cancer – Enrichment Oligos only (4 or 8 Enrichment Reactions)


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TG TruSight™ Cancer Sequencing Panel


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Illumina® DNA Prep with Enrichment, (S) Tagmentation (96 Samples)



Illumina® DNA Prep with Enrichment, (S) Tagmentation (16 Samples)



Illumina® DNA Prep, (S) Tagmentation (96 Samples)



Illumina® DNA Prep, (S) Tagmentation (16 Samples)



IDT® for Illumina® DNA/RNA UD Indexes Set A, Tagmentation (96 Indexes, 96 Samples)



TruSight Rapid Capture (1 index, 8 samples, 8 enrichments)



TruSight Rapid Capture (2 indexes, 8 samples, 4 enrichments)



TruSight Rapid Capture (4 indexes, 16 samples, 4 enrichments)



TruSight Rapid Capture (24 indexes, 48 samples, 4 enrichments)



TruSight Rapid Capture (24 indexes, 96 samples, 8 enrichments)



TruSight Rapid Capture (96 indexes, 288 samples, 24 enrichments)



Product Highlights

Developed in collaboration with cancer genomics experts, these predesigned, ready-to-use oligos enable researchers to sequence a variety of genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) previously linked to cancer predisposition.

  • Targets 94 genes and 284 SNPs associated with a predisposition towards cancer

TruSight Cancer includes genes associated with both common (e.g., breast, colorectal) and rare cancers. In addition, the set includes 284 SNPs found to correlate with cancer through genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Content selection was based on expert curation of the scientific literature and other high-quality resources.

The TruSight Cancer sequencing panel provides custom oligos targeting identified regions of interest. Sufficient product is supplied for four enrichment reactions. TruSight Cancer is compatible with TruSight Rapid Capture.

TruSight Cancer Sample Datasets

6 human reference samples were prepared using the TruSight Cancer sequencing panel. These libraries were sequenced on the MiniSeq System using a high output kit at a 2 x 100 bp read length configuration with dual indexing. The total yield was 5.2 Gb with 95.8% of bases at or above Q30.

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This product is available as an Illumina Advantage (TG) product. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products feature lot-specific shipments and testing, extended shelf life, and advanced change notifications for greater laboratory efficiency.

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Project Recommendations

Instrument Recommended Number of Samples Read Length
MiniSeq System Samples per run: mid output: 12, high output: 24 (based on > 20x coverage per target) Up to 2 × 150 bp
MiSeq System Samples per run (by reagent kit version): v2: 12, v3: 24 (based on > 20x coverage per target) Up to 2 × 150 bp
NextSeq 550 System Samples per run: mid output: 96, high output: 96 (based on > 20x coverage per target) Up to 2 × 150 bp

Product Comparison

TruSight Cancer AmpliSeq for Illumina BRCA Panel
Assay Time 1.5 days 5 hours (library prep only; doesn't include library quantification, normalization, or pooling time)
Cancer Type Pan-Cancer Solid Tumor
Content Specifications Fixed set of probes that enrich for 94 genes and 284 SNPs associated with common and rare cancers. Exonic regions and the flanking intronic sequences of the BRCA1 and BRCA2
Description Germline mutation detection research for common and rare cancers. Germline and somatic analysis studies of BRCA1 and BRCA2.
Hands-On Time 5 hours < 1.5 hours
Input Quantity 50 ng DNA 1–100 ng (10 ng recommended per pool)
Method Target Enrichment, Targeted DNA Sequencing Amplicon Sequencing, Targeted DNA Sequencing
Multiplexing Up to 96-plex 96 dual index combinations
Specialized Sample Types Not FFPE-Compatible Blood, FFPE Tissue
Species Category Human Human
Variant Class Germline Variants Germline Variants, Insertions-Deletions (indels), Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), Somatic Variants

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Customer Stories

From Arrays to NGS: How Chromosomal Genetics Evolved From Structure to Disease

Researchers from the MGZ Medical Genetic Center are using the Infinium CytoSNP-850K BeadChip and the TruSight Cancer Panel to analyze chromosomal abnormalities.

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TruSight Cancer Gene List

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TruSight Cancer

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