Illumina partnerships power precision medicine

Establishing platforms for oncology CDx development

Illumina is leveraging our leadership in next-generation sequencing to deliver in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions to improve the management of cancer patients in the clinic. We are partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop companion diagnostics for best-in-class therapeutics.

Distributable diagnostic solutions, including companion diagnostics (CDx) indications on TruSight Oncology Comprehensive (EU), will enable labs to perform precision medicine testing in-house.

Cancer CDx Partnership News

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Illumina Announces New and Expanded Oncology Partnerships with Bristol Myers Squibb, Kura Oncology, Myriad Genetics, and Merck to Advance Comprehensive Genomic Profiling


Illumina and Kartos Therapeutics Announce New Oncology Partnership to Develop an NGS-Based TP53 Companion Diagnostic


TruSight Oncology Comprehensive (EU)

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“Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is increasingly included in the cancer care continuum to guide therapy and monitor patients following treatment. Its ability to simultaneously detect comprehensive actionable target genetic variants and gene signature biomarkers is essential to maximizing precious tissue biopsy samples to match patients to optimal precision therapies. Liquid biopsy NGS are now complementing tissue biopsy for these applications and enabling new approaches for asymptomatic screening and response monitoring. These tools will be essential to improving patients’ outcomes and reduce cancer mortality over the next decades.”

Kevin Keegan, Vice President and General Manager of Oncology at Illumina

TruSight Oncology Comprehensive (EU) is a CE-marked IVD test kit for comprehensive genomic profiling based on DNA and RNA that consolidates multiple iterative tests into one. Using a single test assessing hundreds of current and emerging biomarkers, you can now access a clinically-relevant report with the actionable answers to help redefine the journey for cancer patients.

With this product, Illumina has developed the underlying chemistry and workflow to enable a modular and scalable approach to future CDx indications in our pipeline.

Cancer Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Partnerships