VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2

Comprehensive, IVD, in-lab aneuploidy screening solution providing reagents, instruments, and software for accurate NIPT results in 26 hours. Read More...

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VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(24 Samples)



VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(48 samples)(Formerly RH-200-1001)



VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(96 samples)(Formerly RH-200-1002)



Streck cell free DNA BCT CE


Other Illumina Materials Required
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NextSeq 550 Dx Sequencing System


VeriSeq NIPT Solution Enablement


VeriSeq Onsite Server v2


Product Highlights

VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 makes NGS-based noninvasive prenatal testing accessible to any lab, providing:

  • Ease: A simple, easy-to-use, automated prenatal screening solution that easily integrates into your lab's current workflow and flexes with your lab's growing needs.
  • Accuracy: ≥99.9% sensitivity & specificity for trisomy 21, 18, and 13.1
  • Speed: From sample to result in about 1 day, requiring only 1 technician and 2 hours of hands-on time.
Comprehensive screening beyond common aneuploidies

VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 uses PCR-free, whole-genome sequencing to expand prenatal screening beyond aneuploidies 21, 18, and 13 to all rare autosomal aneuploidies (RAAs), sex chromosome aneuploidies (SCAs), and partial duplications and deletions ≥7 Mb for all autosomes. This enables the VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 to detect anomalies that targeted assays miss and deliver more insights into the health of a pregnancy.

Fast results

Extensive validation of the VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 confirmed high concordance with clinical reference data and a low test failure rate of 1.2%.1 An efficient 3-step workflow allows sample to report in 26 hours.

Automated solution

Sample preparation is automated on the VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR system, optimized for use in the VeriSeq NIPT workflow. Learn more on the Hamilton website.

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Intended Use

The VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 is an in vitro diagnostic test intended for use as a screening test for the detection of genome-wide fetal genetic anomalies from maternal peripheral whole blood specimens in pregnant women of at least 10 weeks gestation. VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 uses whole-genome sequencing to detect partial duplications and deletions for all autosomes and aneuploidy status for all chromosomes. The test offers an option to request the reporting of sex chromosome aneuploidy (SCA). This product must not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or other pregnancy management decisions. The VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 includes: the VeriSeq NIPT Workflow Manager v2 for the VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR, the VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kits, and the VeriSeq Onsite Server v2 with the VeriSeq NIPT Assay Software v2. The VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 is intended to be used with a next-generation sequencer.

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