IVD Assay Development Partners

Diagnostic Technology Partnerships

Illumina is working with a growing number of partners to develop new clinical assays that provide needed solutions to some of our greatest health challenges.

By collaborating with diagnostic technology partners, we demonstrate our commitment to building an expanding menu of clinical assays.

HTG Molecular
HTG Molecular

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, is focused on delivering on the promise of tumor-profiling breakthroughs through reduced usage of precious tissue specimens, platform consolidation, and optimization of testing efficiency. The leadership team at HTG has over 200 years of diagnostic experience and has successfully developed and commercialized companion diagnostics for HER2 and c-Kit. Illumina is currently partnering with HTG to develop IVD kits for next-generation sequencing using HTG’s EdgeSeq chemistry.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.
3430 E. Global Loop
Tucson, AZ 85706
T: (877) 289-2615
F: (520) 547-2837

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