NGS LIMS and sample tracking solutions for genomics labs

Instrument integration and NGS-specific features aid implementation and adoption

Benefits of an NGS LIMS

A LIMS (laboratory information management system) designed specifically for genomics and optimized for next-generation sequencing (NGS) can help rapidly and accurately manage and interpret sequencing data. High throughput and complex genomic studies—whether done using NGS or other sequencing technologies—call for a LIMS that integrates with other laboratory systems and scales to increased sample volumes.

NGS labs often find that managing and interpreting the sequencing data are where the bottlenecks and challenges lie, rather than cost or lack of technology. Labs nearly everywhere can adopt high-throughput NGS due to lower costs and better access to the technology. Managing and sequencing samples in this type of environment benefits from a LIMS for efficiency and accuracy.

Choosing the Right LIMS for NGS

Here are some of the features you should look for when implementing a LIMS for NGS or other complex genomics studies:

  • Comprehensive sample tracking—to validate and track samples throughout the workflow using sample indexes and reagent barcodes
  • Workflow automation—for routine tasks and to reduce the potential for error
  • Preconfigured workflows and out-of-the-box integrations—to expedite implementation of NGS workflows
  • Tools that enable configuration and customization—to modify workflows to reflect changing needs
  • Compliance support—for a regulated environment with features such as audit trails and electronic signatures
  • Scalability—so that labs can modify sample throughput according to changing demands
  • Accommodation of different user types—with interfaces configured to only access information that's relevant to each lab member, staff can spend less time navigating through unnecessary tasks
  • Minimal to no vendor intervention needed—so labs can set up, run, and produce results quickly

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Integrating Instruments for NGS and Genomic Workflows

Many labs are surprised to learn that investing in a sequencing instrument is only a fraction of what it takes to conduct next-generation sequencing. Other laboratory tools, such as qPCR instruments, robotic liquid handling systems, and nucleic acid quality control and quantitation systems are routine fixtures. Conducting complex genomic, large-scale, or NGS studies becomes more straightforward when you have a LIMS that integrates with these tools, can automate certain laboratory functions, and can initiate other processes or downstream analyses.

A LIMS Specifically Designed for Genomics and Optimized for NGS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is specifically designed for genomics labs of all sizes and is optimized for NGS studies. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS helps labs track samples throughout the sequencing workflow, streamline laboratory operations, and get started quickly via integrations with Illumina and other common laboratory instruments.

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Build vs. Buy a LIMS

New LIMS users highlight their reasons for purchasing a commercial LIMS for NGS and other genomics applications.

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5 Ways That a LIMS Accelerates NGS Research

Business and operational reasons that make a well-built commercial LIMS (one that's specifically tailored for NGS and genomics) a smarter investment than building a system from scratch include:

  1. Provides scale to keep cutting-edge labs on pace
  2. Expedites lab setup and production
  3. Improves results with sample traceability
  4. Manages workflows to improve lab efficiency
  5. Supports faster publishing

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Adopt High-Throughput Sequencing In Your Lab

High-throughput sequencing can cost-effectively run data-rich applications and process more samples to improve statistical signficance. Get rapid access to more data for greater insights.

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