AutoLoader 2.x

This device automatically loads BeadChip microarray carriers onto scanning systems.


For faster genomic analysis, the AutoLoader 2.x provides walk-away BeadChip array loading and scanning. With continuous unattended operation, and the ability to load one or two microarray readers at a time, the AutoLoader 2.x improves assay efficiency while decreasing overall costs.

Throughput capabilities

In a dual scanner setup, automating BeadChip array loading and scanning with the AutoLoader 2.x can lead to an output of up to 200 million genotypes per day. 2 input and 2 output stacks can accommodate up to 20 carriers at a time, which, at 4 BeadChips per carrier, means 80 BeadChips can be handled unattended. For even higher throughput, sample preparation can be automated with an Infinium Automated Pipetting System available from Illumina.

LIMS integration

The AutoLoader 2.x is integrated with the Illumina Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and array scanner control software.

System alerts

For peace of mind, the system can be configured to send automatic email alerts that include an end-of-scan summary and any critical system messages.

Available packages

The AutoLoader 2.x is offered as a Single-Scanner or Dual-Scanner package to support one or two microarray scanners. Packages are also available to upgrade the previous AutoLoader or AutoLoader 2 models to the Single or Dual AutoLoader 2.x.



Product literature

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AutoLoader 2.x, Single-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


Includes one AutoLoader 2.x robot, five hotels, 10 black carriers, one AutoLoader 2.x baseplate, one iScan baseplate, installation, Illumina AutoLoader software, and one-year standard warranty to support one iScan System. iScan System sold separately.

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AutoLoader 2.x, Dual-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


This kit supports customers who want to maximize utilization of their iScans and sample throughput capacity by enabling automated loading of two iScans. It includes one AutoLoader robot, five hotels, twenty carriers, baseplates, installation and the Illumina AutoLoader software. iScan sold separately. One-year standard warranty.

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AutoLoader 2.x, Dual-Scanner Configuration, Blue Carriers (110/220 V)


For customers requesting blue carriers only: Include blue carriers instead of black carriers that are typically shipped with the AutoLoader 2.X.

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