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The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems deliver extraordinary throughput and accuracy to perform data-intensive applications at production scale.

Built on decades of innovation from a trusted partner in genomics, the NovaSeq X Series will enable your most ambitious ultra-high-throughput projects. These are our most powerful sequencers yet. Scale your studies with three flow cell types and up to 16 Tb output per run on the dual flow cell NovaSeq X Plus System or up to 8 Tb on the single flow cell NovaSeq X System. Ultra-high-density flow cells and ultra-high-resolution optics enable output of up to 26 billion single reads per flow cell.

The NovaSeq X Series is powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry — an even faster, higher quality, and more robust version of our proven sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry.

XLEAP-SBS chemistry delivers the highest level of data accuracy and performance, and the increased stability enables remarkable sustainability benefits.

DRAGEN analysis, available onboard or in the cloud, provides award-winning accuracy for rapid, easy-to-use, and efficient genomic data analysis.

As integrated into the NovaSeq X Series, DRAGEN onboard can run multiple secondary analysis pipelines in parallel. Perform up to four simultaneous applications per flow cell in a single run.

DRAGEN onboard offers world-class bioinformatics as a direct output from the NovaSeq X Series. Get variant call files instead of base call files directly from your sequencing system. Accelerate your sequencing turnaround time and reduce your data storage, transfer, and retrieval costs.

The innovations built into the NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Systems have the power to generate tens of thousands of whole genomes per year.
Dream big. NovaSeq X Series can make it happen.
NovaSeq X specifications

NovaSeq X Series specifications

  • Output range
    ~165 Gb – 16 Tb
  • Reads per run
    ~1.6 – 52 billion
  • Max read length
    2 x 150 bp
  • Run time
    ~17 – 48 hr

Transformative economics for transformative breakthroughs

The NovaSeq X series allows you to maximize your productivity and minimize your turnaround time.

Beyond the significant reduction in cost per Gb and per read, the NovaSeq X series incorporates cost-efficiency throughout the workflow. Streamlined informatics, operational simplicity, sustainability advancements, and world-class support lead to the best total cost of ownership equation.

The ultimate user experience
  • Push-button operation with automated onboard cluster generation and post-run wash

  • Individually addressable flow cell lanes with automated onboard independent lane loading

  • Flexible run planning options, touchless secondary analysis workflows, and automated lossless data compression

  • Thoughtful ergonomic design innovations for the ultimate user experience

Sequence more sustainably than ever

Propel your research forward to impact the world, not the environment. The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus systems were purpose-designed to be our most sustainable sequencing systems yet.


  • Save time and money with a 90% reduction in packaging weight and waste
  • Maximize storage space with compact cartridges and packaging
  • Save disposal costs with more recyclable plastics and no dry ice or ice packs
NovaSeq X sustainable packaging

A new standard in operational simplicity

More results, fewer steps, less effort. The NovaSeq X series workflow includes flexible run setup, automated ultra-high-throughput sequencing with onboard cluster generation, accelerated data analysis with DRAGEN platform onboard, and more.

Manage workflow

Track samples and manage your runs with manual or automated LIMS options.

Prepare libraries

Access a broad range of high-performance library preparation kits.


Use XLEAP-SBS chemistry—advanced reagents built upon proven Illumina SBS—to power faster, more accurate sequencing.

Analyze data

Leverage DRAGEN platform onboard or in the cloud for accurate, rapid, secondary data analysis.

Interpret results

Interpret results, get insights, and drive discovery with cloud connection to tertiary analysis tools.

Unimaginable experiments, made unbelievably cost-efficient

The NovaSeq X series helps moonshot projects become a reality—making affordable what was previously out of reach. Increase statistical power with broader study designs and larger sample cohorts. Maximize read numbers and increase sequencing depth for a higher resolution view that can detect low-frequency signals and variants.

The NovaSeq X Plus system revolutionizes human whole-genome sequencing, with the ability to sequence more than 128 genomes per run. These production-scale sequencing systems can also perform a broad range of data-intensive applications, from single-cell analysis to exome and circulating tumor DNA sequencing, that will unlock the next wave of omics discovery.

Scientist genomic library prep

Compare with NovaSeq 6000


NovaSeq X Plus


NovaSeq X

NovaSeq 6000

Maximum output per run  16 TB 8 TB 6 TB
Maximum reads per run 52 billion single reads
104 billion paired-end reads
26 billion single reads
52 billion paired-end reads
20 billion single reads
40 billion paired-end reads

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